NCT has an enviable track record with its proactive approach to client requirements and needs. By virtue of our dedication and operational effectiveness, we have built a portfolio of renowned manufacture mainly from USA and Europe in the respective fields as their sole agents and distributors. At Najat there is no compromise on quality as we only supply brands known for their quality. more...
Electrical  Services
Home Automation

Home automation takes care of a lot of differentactivities in the house. You will be able to control the lighting, HVAC, audio / video and even electrically operatedblinds and shutters with this home automation system.
Design, development, manufacture, research, and project management in mechanical related systems such as power plants, automobile industry, aerospace industry, transportation, and manufacturing industry.

Mechanical Engineering
One of the leading names in the field of electrical trading in Bahrain with more than three decades of market standing and satisfied clients distributed through the ministries, major industrial firms and the private sector companies.